Impossible List

We all make list somewhere listing what we want to do, or achieve. However we never get around completing them or making an effort toward achieving them. This is my Impossible List, an ever changing list of things that I want to accomplish in life. This list if for everyone to see to be inspired and also to create a social obligation on myself to take action towards completing these tasks.

Education Goals

  • Get good grade in Class XII ( May 2nd 2019 ) 97.2%
  • Get in College ( June 28th 2019) Hanraj College, University of Delh
  • Get a Undergraduate degree
  • Get a Masters degree
  • Get a Phd
  • Learn new language
    • Latin

Fitness Goals

  • Run 5k
  • Run a full marathon
  • Run a Duathlon
  • Bike 300km
  • Bike in Leh

Professional Goals

  • Write 3 blog post a month for 3 months
  • Run the blog for 12 months
  • Write 5000 words a month
  • Become President (duh…)

Travel Goals

  • Visit Lucknow
  • Visit Gwalior
  • Visit Jodhpur
  • Visit Mumbai
  • Visit Goa
  • Visit Ahmedabad
  • Visit Leh
  • Visit all states in India
  • Visit Cambodia
  • Visit Japan