Being an adrenaline junkie; I was always look for ways to get the thrill. I love mountain biking both in the city and in the jungle. I just love the rush from being able to skip through the traffic and also the rustling of the winds and the sweet sound of stream trickling down. Moreover cycling helps me to visit places that one normally wouldn’t, in the process discover new stories.


Since 2016 I had the fortune of getting support from Merida Bikes India and Extreme Adventure Sports India in my cycling endeavors. They have been extremely supportive in providing me with the equipment required. Recently, Steadfast Nutrition also stepped in to support my nutrition needs. They are an athlete first company and have one of the best lineups in the nutrition products market.

Head over to @aryankhareofficial on Instagram to check what I am upto. While you are there do check out @meridabikesindia and @steadfastnutirtion for some slick deals and inspiring stories.