Hi, I’m Aryan Khare

I love history, stories to be more specific. My earliest memory about stories is of my grandmother reading them to me. She had read to me all genres of stories, be it fiction or folklore. These stories are what have made me who I am today.

Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.

George Santayana

It is essential that we not only look forward but also look back at our mistakes, failures and achievements as well. I want to direct people’s attention to the subtle nuisances of life and bring out the stories that get lost in the greater scheme of thing in the rush of the journey called life.

I am also an adrenaline junkie; the thrill of going a mountain at 50 kmph cannot be described in words. I love biking in the wilderness, having a connect with the nature. I love the wind rustling past me and the sweet trickling of the stream nearby. Mountain biking gives me opportunity to go places that one wouldn’t normally visit.

I hope to share stories that entertain you and provide the encouragement to help you to try something new.

You can read the stories here.